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Bejeweler Downunder -Hotfix Crystal Applicator

Bejeweler Downunder -Hotfix Crystal Applicator

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Embellishment is EVERYWHERE, and with the Bejeweler Downunder you'll be able to embellish your projects with ease.

The Bejeweler has been specially designed for heating and applying flat-backed hot fix crystals. These crystals have a special heat sensitive glue on the back which, when heated, adheres to fabric, paper, wood and almost any porous surface

Simple and easy to use, the Bejeweler is wired to comply with New Zealand and Australian regulations so there is no need for adaptors and transformers.

The Bejeweler Downunder comes complete with 8 screw-in applicator tips for picking up and heating the different sizes of Hot Fix crystals. Application of  hotfix crystals is exceptionally easy and quick for all craft and sewing projects. There is a Hot Spot applicator that is very useful if you have laid out a design already on fabric. The Hot Spot can simply be pressed on the top of crystals and will heat the glue without picking them up.

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